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What do women really want in a man?


Confidence in the bedroom... A big penis... Shed loads of cash… that is the common assumption, and programmes such as Sex and the City don’t exactly help to dampen this idea.


So is it really any wonder that with this pressure to be ‘great in the sack’, that more than 50% of men are unhappy with their penis size? Of course not! Daily you are told that women want a man who is confident, great in bed and who has got a big penis.


But is there any proof to these claims? Is this really what women look for in a man? No. If anything, sex is the last thing on a woman’s mind when she is starting out in a relationship. She just wants to get to know you.


And as for the size of your penis? Honestly, few women care! As long as your penis is 4 inches when erect, she’ll be more than satisfied. Why? Because a woman’s vagina naturally expands to 4 inches plus when aroused.


So what is the big deal?


Why are we so bothered about our penis size, when most women don’t actually care?


It is an issue of confidence. Of overcoming insecurities when you are undressing that she isn’t comparing you to previous boyfriends. Of feeling happy and comfortable with your body.


So what can you do?


If insecurities about your penis size are affecting your relationship, then there are a number of routes available to you which can help to improve the size, appearance and stamina of your penis.


  1. Penis exercises – from stretching your penis to training the muscle responsible for stopping you pee mid-flow; training your penis can help to increase blood flow; harden your erections and reduce premature ejaculation.

    One clear example of this is jelqing. Consisting of 34 eight minute exercises, jelqing has been proven to temporarily increase your penis size by 1 inch and improve your stamina in the bedroom.

  2. Penis extenders – one of the safest forms of penis enlargement around, penis extenders utilise a traction technique similar to that used in Orthopaedic surgery where traction is applied to corpora cavernosa in your penis (the tubes responsible for holding blood during an erection). Causing cells to break away and duplicate, as they accumulate this causes your penis to increase in size by inches, hold more blood, attain harder more powerful erections, cure premature ejaculation and reduce penile curvatures by 20%.

  3. Penis pumps – these devices have been around for decades and essentially create a vacuum around your penis which causes it to draw in more blood, become erect and temporarily increase in size. You have to be careful with this device though as excessive use can damage blood vessels in your penis and even cause them to burst.

  4. Penis enlargement surgery – there are various forms of penis enlargement surgery around such as: cutting your suspensory ligament (this helps you to look 1 inch bigger, but your penis will no longer point up when erect); inflatable tubes (which you pump up before sex) and skin grafts taken from other areas of your body.

    However each of these surgeries does come with an element of risk (deformity, impotence), so you need be 100% certain that you want this surgery and that you are confident in the procedure before you try it.


There is no denying that increasing your penis size will help you to feel more confident in the bedroom and ensure you remain 100% focused on satisfying your partner.


So if you are genuinely interested in increasing your penis size by inches, then any one of the solutions above can help you to become the stud you want to be. It is just a question of picking the right one for you…

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